What you should remember when renting a new home?

Renting an apartment may seem a simple prospect, but is isn’t always the case. Renting a new property can be deceptively tricky, and without the right help and advice, you may be wondering what you should do next. Fortunately the process can be simplified and your dream move can be attained – just as long as you take care of the important things first.

When looking to rent a new home remember the catchphrase ‘location, location, location’. Prioritise looking for properties which are close to schools, work or transport links if you want a property best suited to your personal situation. If you drive, remember to look out for property with ample parking, too. Your new housemates may also drive, so be aware that having a driveway doesn’t always meant that you will have parking.

Finally, remember to pack all of your paperwork in the same boxes. When it comes to letting your GP, boss or the DVLA know that you’ve moved house, you’ll find that having easy access to all of your paperwork is a massive help.

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