Before You Start Packing

Get Your Supplies: Before you begin packing, try to get all the things you would need before you start. Gather all your boxes, bubble wrap, paper, tape, markers, etc. Having this ready will make your pack go much smoother and faster.

Mark Your Boxes: One of the most underrated and commonly forgotten things to do is to mark your boxes. By marking your boxes, your movers will have a much better idea of where your boxes will go in your new place, and how to handle the boxes should they be marked fragile.

Clear out: Moving is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of all that stuff you don’t need any more, whether it be clothing or that old guitar that just collects dust in the corner. By doing this it can shorten the loading and unloading time, ultimately saving you money.

When to move: Moving during the week is often the best option due to most services such as government offices and banks etc.  Being open should you run into any difficulties and need assistance.

Pets: Make sure you make arrangements for where your pets will be during the move, and how you will get them to your new place.

Valuables: Make sure you keep your valuables separate from everything else, such as important documents, keys, wallets, medication etc. you don’t want them getting packed away and mixed in with other boxes when you need to find them.