Furniture Packing, Dismantling and Reassembling

Moving home can be stressful – we know this only too well! It’s why we’re happy to help come rain or shine – but there are a few things you are going to need to bear in mind when it comes to making sure that your furniture is ready to be shipped with us. We … Read more

Move In Tips

Call your utilities companies to make sure you have your electricity, water, heat and gas turned on. Have a Rough idea of where you would like the movers to put your furniture; remember to leave some space for the boxes that will go in that particular room. Give the House a tidy up, it much … Read more

Move Out Tips

Ready your appliances. Unplug your freezer a day before to give it a chance to thaw out before we move it. Give that fridge a good clean, you don’t want those dust bunnies, dirt and grime in your shiny new place. Arrange a way to have those items that we cannot take, such as hazardous … Read more

Before You Start Packing

Get Your Supplies: Before you begin packing, try to get all the things you would need before you start. Gather all your boxes, bubble wrap, paper, tape, markers, etc. Having this ready will make your pack go much smoother and faster. Mark Your Boxes: One of the most underrated and commonly forgotten things to do … Read more

What We Don’t Take

Items that could potentially cause harm to Bright Movers employees cannot be transported and should not be packed into boxes to be taken by us. Ammunition Car batteries Fire extinguishers Fuels and oils Kerosene Loaded fire arms Poisonous/toxic/harmful Chemicals Propane tanks Pets If you have any questions regarding items your unsure about, don’t hesitate to … Read more

Packing Goods

Packing Paper: Just like newspaper, but without the ink all over your hands. This is used to wrap all of your precious china, glassware, ceramic bowls and all that breakable stuff before you place it into boxes. Bubble Wrap: Believe it or not bubble wrap can do more than just act as a stress reliever! … Read more

Moving Boxes

Small: Great for heavy items such as dad’s old books or very fragile items such as your family’s precious china.  Medium: These are our go to boxes, great for medium weight things like kitchen appliances, kitchenware as well as other household items like printers, computer towers and telephones. Large: These big boys are great for … Read more

How To Pack Kitchen

Trying to pack kitchen items efficiently is one of the most daunting tasks ever. With so many items of different sizes, shapes and design materials, it is easy to see why extra care and attention is very important. So before you proceed, take time out to consider if there are any items you no longer … Read more

What type of boxes should be used for packing

Packing for a move is an extremely hectic job. One which millions of people find overwhelming, because of the much needed requirement to pack different items to a new place. Whether your move involves shifting your office or moving to a new house in a different city or country, there is the likelihood that you … Read more

How to pack furnitures

Moving to any new apartment can be very exciting! But with all that excitement comes a great deal of stress and exhaustion associated with the challenges of wrapping and moving furniture. Although the process of packing books, groceries or clothing may seem tiring, it is nothing compared to the struggles involved in packing furniture pieces … Read more

Packing tips

There is more to moving house than simply throwing all your stuff in the back of a van and hoping for the best. There are several things to take care of as you go, and in order to make your move as easy as possible, we’ve put together some tips to help you along the … Read more