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Getting Unpacked

Getting Unpacked

Finally – it’s time to unpack at your new home. Unpacking can sometimes seem like an uphill climb – so here are a few ideas to help make the day more efficient and less stressful for you

  • Get to your new property early and do a quick audit of your home. This way, you will be able to help direct movers when they arrive. Do also make sure you are ready to pay for their services as soon as everything gets unloaded
  • By planning ahead, you can give movers clear orders. This will help to keep things efficient and will lower the chaos!
  • Make sure all your boxes are present and intact. Always raise queries with your movers if you feel you need to. Don’t feel embarrassed
  • Make sure your most important items are safe, and that your electronic equipment works after its journey.
  • Make sure to unpack food, drink and utensils first – you’re likely to be hungry after a long day on the road!
  • Then, make sure to unpack for your bedroom and bathroom. Your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are the only basics you’ll need – everything else can be unpacked in the days to come

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