How to pack furnitures

20162868_sMoving to any new apartment can be very exciting! But with all that excitement comes a great deal of stress and exhaustion associated with the challenges of wrapping and moving furniture. Although the process of packing books, groceries or clothing may seem tiring, it is nothing compared to the struggles involved in packing furniture pieces for a move.

Packing furniture requires extra attention and special care to ensure safe transportation and damage prevention! Therefore, knowing the right and most efficient way to pack and move furniture should be a top priority for any move. So to make it extremely easy for you, here are some steps to consider when packing furniture.


Different Furniture requires different packing materials to pack them effectively and creating a list of the packing materials required to pack your furniture can ensure a smooth packing and safe shipment experience. So make sure you have sofa and mattress covers, packing tape, bubble wraps, Shrink wraps, cardboard sheets and Floor protection ready before anything else.


With the aid of a clean rag or towel, dust and clean all furniture thoroughly before packing. Empty all drawers, cabinets, shelves, cupboards and remove all items contained in each piece before cleaning. This will reduce the weight of your furniture and make them easy to move


Dismantle headboard, footboard, dining table leafs, table and sofa legs as well as any other furniture that can be disassembled. After this, make use of bubble wraps, covers and tapes to protect furniture legs, bed rails and other pieces. Mask glass table-tops with packing paper, towels or furniture blankets and Put glass pieces in boxes. Wrap sofas, chairs and mattresses in plastic covers to prevent damage. Use floor protection covers or silicone pads to line the deck of the truck with blankets to protect the base of your furniture.

With these few steps and tips, you can easily eliminate those struggles and inconveniences associated with packing furniture once and for all.