Move Out Tips

  1. Ready your appliances. Unplug your freezer a day before to give it a chance to thaw out before we move it. Give that fridge a good clean, you don’t want those dust bunnies, dirt and grime in your shiny new place.
  2. Arrange a way to have those items that we cannot take, such as hazardous chemicals and propane tanks, transported to your new house, or have them disposed of safely.
  3. Make sure all your boxes are packed properly. Make sure they are sealed and labelled with what room they belong in and what they contain, before we arrive to move it out of your house.
  4. Pack a “Basics box” this box will go into the truck last and be first into your new home. It should contain the things you will need immediately, such as toiletries, toilet paper, first aid kit and anything else you will need when you first arrive at your new place.
  5. Set aside a suitcase that you don’t want the movers to take it should include clothes and anything else you may want for the first few days. We can either put it in last or you can clearly label it “Do not pack” and take it yourself.
  6. Moving can be hectic, especially if you have young kids, if it’s possible, maybe bring them to grandma and grandpas place or get a baby sitter so that you’re able to devote your full attention to the move.
  7. Make sure you do a walkthrough of the house, garage and sheds before the movers leave to double check everything that is going has been packed into the truck.
  8. Lock it down. Before you say goodbye to your place, make sure everything is off such as lights, heating and air conditioning. Make sure windows and doors are locked up and leave anything such as keys and garage door openers behind for the next occupants.