Moving Boxes

Small: Great for heavy items such as dad’s old books or very fragile items such as your family’s precious china. 
Medium: These are our go to boxes, great for medium weight things like kitchen appliances, kitchenware as well as other household items like printers, computer towers and telephones.

Large: These big boys are great for your light to medium weight things. Great for putting clothes, bed linen, lamp shades and those large framed wall photos from your family vacation.

Wardrobe: These are the tallest box in our arsenal. With these boxes you can take your clothes strait out of your closet/wardrobe and hang them right inside of the wardrobe box without having to fold a thing.

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Moving and Pets: What You Need to Know

Moving home can be stressful for everyone involved - and that goes for our pets, too! Not only can changing property be a huge period of readjustment for cats and dogs, but the big day itself can be scary for our four-legged friends. Here are a few ideas to prepare for your removal day!
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