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Moving Home? Here’s What to Pack First

Moving home is always likely to be a major job - especially if you have a large family to consider! It’s all too easy to find that you’ve packed something you really need ahead of moving day - which normally means you have to go exploring cardboard boxes galore! Does this sound familiar? As experts in North London removals - our team has seen it all before, and done it all, too!

Whether you’re moving in and around Barnet, Enfield or elsewhere in the boroughs, here’s a quick guide on what you should pack first ahead of the big day.

Stuff You’re Not Using

Yes - we all have a few bits and bobs that we hold onto for sentimental reasons. But, are you actually using them right this minute? If not, you’re going to want to pack them first ahead of moving day.

Think about clothes, kids’ toys, kitchen items, DVDs, the works - anything you’re not likely to want or need between now and the move, pack them first. Be sure to pack heavier items at the bottom of your boxes, too.

Also, consider packing clothes that are out of season first. If you’re moving in the middle of August, are you really going to need that scarf or duffel coat? Get them packed!

Ornaments and Decorative Items

It may seem disheartening to start taking decoration out of your rooms, but ornaments, artwork, frames and otherwise are going to need packing ahead of time. Given that these aren’t items you’ll need for any practical reason, it makes sense to get them in your boxes and crates before other bits you’re likely to rely on.

Always make sure to pack your items carefully, too - especially when it comes to delicate ornaments and trinkets!

Cushions and Comforts

We’re not saying you need to sit on a bare floor before the move! However, if you can afford to spare a few cushions, throws or other soft furnishings before the big day, it’s well worth packing them up ahead of time.

In fact, these items tend to be amongst the bulkiest, meaning you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour getting them packed up and away first. Position them, again, low in your boxes, crates and bags and place other items on top.

Moving away and packing stuff for relocating.

You Don’t Have to Take It All!

Far be it from us to tell you what you can and can’t take with you to your new home - but if you’re worried about packing up and having space, it makes sense to try and downsize a little before you hit the road. Are there any items, clothes or toys that aren’t being used any more? Think carefully about what you will and won’t need when you get to your new home - will it make sense to donate a few items to charity, for example?

At Bright Movers, we want to make sure your home move goes swimmingly - and we’ll help you in any way we can! However, no matter what you need from your local North London removals team, planning ahead is an absolute must.

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