Packing Goods

Packing Paper: Just like newspaper, but without the ink all over your hands. This is used to wrap all of your precious china, glassware, ceramic bowls and all that breakable stuff before you place it into boxes.

Bubble Wrap: Believe it or not bubble wrap can do more than just act as a stress reliever! Its bested used to cover fragile items like TV’s and other electronic breakables, and also works well as void fillers in already packed boxes

Permanent Box Markers: The perfect Implement for marking those boxes so everyone knows where the boxes go and what they contain, weather its fragile kitchenware or those blankets you probably want before you hit the hay after a long days move.

Shrink Wrap: The thing that ties it all together, we use this to protect your furniture from damage as well as wrapping things together so they don’t fall out on the job.