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Your Moving Planner

Your Moving Planner

This complete guide can help you keep on track in the weeks leading up to your big move.

Two Months Pre Move: Start Proceedings

  • Call your moving company to request a quote and provisionally set a date. It may be necessary to plan for a home visit for a more accurate estimate. In the case of a home visit, be sure to show your mover everything you plan to move as items added after the quote is issued will likely incur an increase in price
  • Depending on whether you would prefer to pack your belongings or have it done professionally, you will need to discuss your options with your movers
  • Be sure to carefully read the "Your Rights and Duties" document your mover will give you. This will outline our responsibilities as well as your own.
  • If your employer is funding your transition, you may want to request a copy of their moving policy, as some services offered by your movers may be limited or not covered.
  • Ask your mover about your personalised moving planner. This will help keep everything you need for a successful move in one place, including important documents. You will also have access to useful tools and helpful hints and tips.

7 Weeks Pre Move: Confirm Your Plans

  • If you have any queries or concerns, do ask your mover before confirming your estimate and officially setting your leaving date. You should do this as well as formalise your Moving Plan.
  • Be sure to keep your mover’s contact details handy in case you have any follow up questions in the coming weeks.

6 Weeks Pre Move: Contact Your Service Providers

  • You may want to start contacting your service providers of your forthcoming change of address, for example:
  • Your bank
  • Power companies and other utilitie
  • Your insurance company
  • Your internet and other service providers
  • Any magazine, newspaper and other subscriptions you may use
  • It’s also important to inform other professional services you may use of your change of address. These can include medical and dental professionals and any legal and financial professionals.
  • You may want to set up a postal redirection to ensure your post finds its way to you after the move

5 Weeks Pre Move: Start Sorting Your Belongings!

  • It’s best to approach packing as methodically as possible. Sort your possessions by going from room to room to sort what you want to take with you and what you may want to dispose of or donate.
  • Many charities will come directly to you to pick up items for donations, for example. Your local council will have details of local car boot and jumble sales where you can put unwanted items up for sale, too.
  • Alternatively, online auction sites and markets can offer a quick and easy way to unload heavy or bulky items.

4 Weeks Pre Move: Update Your Plan!

  • A lot can change in a month! At this point, you should contact your moving company to update your plan. Confirm any changes in date, for example, and add or subtract any items from your inventory
  • If you are planning to collect or drop off any items along the way, please confirm this with your co-ordinator.
  • Make sure your movers have all your relevant contact information, including the destination address and your mobile number.
  • If you have arranged for the transport of a vehicle, make any arrangements necessary for delivering it to the pre-arranged loading site - as well as collection from the delivery site.

3 Weeks Pre Move: Plan For Family and Friends

  • If moving is a family affair, then now is the time to make any requisite travel plans. This includes booking travel tickets and, if necessary, accommodation. This might include booking for any stops you may need to make along the way.
  • If you are driving - especially if you are driving long distance - it’s a good idea to book your car in for a service.
  • If travelling to an airport or ferry port or train station, be sure to book your taxi or shuttle service in advance.
  • If you haven’t already, contact your utility companies and set a date to have your services disconnected at your current address.
  • Start thinking about any items you may need for your journey and through your first few days in your new home. You may want to start setting things apart in preparation.
  • Start packing! If you have opted to pack your belongings yourself, start to pack away the things you won't use before the move. A few things you may want to start packing include extra clothing, books/DVD collections and decorations.
  • Please check our list of forbidden items and start disposing of those items in the appropriate manne
  • Avoid using treatments which may soften or make the surface more vulnerable on furniture or decorative items. Treatments such as waxing or oiling can make pieces more susceptible to indents or imprints during the moving process.
  • Contact a service person who is qualified to prepare your white goods for transit.
  • It could be useful to have your area rugs and curtains professionally cleaned. You could keep them in packing for the duration of the move.
  • If you have any antique or collectable pieces, you may wish to have up to date written valuations.

2 Weeks Pre Move: Getting Closer!

  • Now’s the time to confirm plans for your pets. Consider travel arrangements including vaccinations and the corresponding paperwork, or potentially organising accommodation.
  • Avoid library fines and extra postage or shipping by returning anything you have borrowed from the library or your friends.
  • If you’ve recently had anything professionally cleaned or refurbished, don’t wait any longer to arrange collection.
  • If you keep items at your local gym or any clubs, pick them up now to avoid last-minute panic!

1 Week Pre Move: The Final Stretch

  • If you have any questions for your moving company, reach out! As always, we’ll be happy to help.
  • Ensure all your white goods and electrical or mechanical items are prepared for transit.

1 Day Pre Move: Crunch Time

  • Mark any boxes you want to have easy access to upon arrival
  • Clearly label any particularly delicate items or anything which may require special handling. If there is anything that isn't to coming with you, make sure this is also clearly identified.
  • If you have opted to pack your belongings yourself, make sure everything is securely boxed or bagged up before the removal van arrives. Your moving team will verify your boxes are correctly packed and sealed prior to loading.
  • If you have requested a packing service, prepare your belongings in groups so that items can be packed together according to grouping, or room.
  • Any electrical appliances which do not require additional preparation will need to be unplugged now to ensure they cool to room temperature.

Moving Day: The Big Day is Finally Here!

  • You or a designated proxy (this must be an adult) will have to remain available throughout the loading process to ensure all your possessions are put on the van.
  • Once the van is fully loaded, you should make a final check of the property. This is to make absolutely sure everything is collected!
  • You will then be asked to verify and sign the inventory. You will be provided with a copy of this inventory, so do keep this to hand until the end of the move.
  • If you have any concerns or queries, your moving team will be happy to assist.
  • You will be asked to fill out a Valuable Inventory Form prior to loading. This will inform our team of any high-value items which may need particular care or handling.
  • Please read the terms and conditions included in your invoice to ensure you fully understand the regulations under which your possessions will be transported
  • Please check the exact address of new property with the van driver, including any special directions they may need to get there, or any parking restrictions they may need to consider.
  • Please provide the driver with a copy of your contact details. This should include a phone number they may reach you at prior to the arrival at the destination.

Last checks:

  • Do be sure you have a final look around your property and check the following:
  • Is the central heating/air conditioning turned off?
  • Have you taken all your belongings?
  • Are all the lights off?
  • Is the water turned off?
  • Have the utilities been disconnected/are plans in place for this to happen?
  • Are all entry points shut and locked, including windows, skylights, and all doors?
  • Have you turned over your keys?

Delivery Day:

  • Your moving team will contact you by phone to confirm the time of arrival. You will need to be available to accept the delivery.
  • You will need to ensure all of your belongings are present and accounted for, and that there is no damage to any of your items.
  • You may need to pay delivery fees.
  • If you are not available for the delivery, you can designate an adult as your proxy. Alternatively, you can request we hold your items until you are free to accept delivery.
  • You will be asked to acknowledge the delivery and the condition of your possessions by signing off on the inventory. If there is any damage, please make a note of this on our copy of the inventory list prior to signing.
  • All your furniture will be positioned as you desire. If you have requested other services such as appliance installation, this will also be done at this point. If you didn't previously request these services but now wish to select them, please contact our customer service department.
  • Make sure to keep all the paperwork concerning your move safe and to hand should you need to consult it or provide copies for your employers.
  • Try to keep a floor plan which the moving team can easily consult to find the assigned spots for all of your belongings near the front door
  • To ensure your appliances have the time to properly acclimatise, leave them for 24 hours before switching on.

You’re Home!

As you settle in you may want to:

  • Make sure you are up to date on local vehicle regulations - If you are in a new country, for example, you may need to update your license or register your vehicle
  • Check-in with the post office about your postal redirection if you have set one up
  • You also may want to employ a local solicitor who can advise you on any local regulations relating to property laws.

Finally, enjoy your new home! It’s been a long journey – but one that is ultimately well worth undertaking. Call our team at any time for help and advice!

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